This allows you to quickly build ngrok into your application with no separate process to manage.

This is the ngrok agent in library form, suitable for integrating directly into NodeJS applications.

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Its source code is not available.


ngrok is a globally distributed reverse proxy commonly used for quickly getting a public URL to a service running inside a private network, such as on your local laptop. . 3.

Install package.

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Create a Kubernetes cluster with Minikube; Create a private Git repository on Github; Install Argo CD. Install CLI and optionally link an account.

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ngrok docs.

This is your bot server URL. Ngrok-dns will create a TXT record pointing to the new tunnel each time it changes.

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This is your bot server URL.

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Install package. server. 2.

ngrok http "file (pwd)" ngrok http 80. Run ngrok http 8000 to get a URL like httpsa1b2-34-567-890-123. The ngrok Agent SDK for NodeJS. For MacOS, use HomeBrew brew install ngrokngrokngrok. 3. In the value section, enter the ngrok token.

Install package.

A tag already exists with the provided branch name. app; Access that URL in your browser to confirm it works.



In the value section, enter the ngrok token.

More information in httpsngrok.

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